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After 24 years of marriage to a pilot, I've learned a few things. 

Which is why I’ve designed a private coaching program to address the unique challenges of the pilot wife.


In my coaching, I guide my clients in exploring new ways to elevate the most important relationships in their lives as follows:


Marriage Relationships

Even though pilot wives often fly solo at home, they don't have feel disconnected, lonely or resentful. Together we'll uncover their relationship strengths, clarify common blocks to staying connected and brainstorm ways for the couple to thrive, no matter if they're together or in different time zones. 


Parenting Relationships

When women have to fill both parenting roles while their spouse is gone, it can be overwhelming and exhausting. And then it’s hard to give up part of the responsibility when they come back home from a trip. We’ll identify core parenting values so the couple can successfully co-parent, preserve the relationship with their kids, and raise fully functional adults. This will disperse any hidden resentments and so parents are on the same team again.


Community Relationships

While a career move might take a couple away from home,  the trailing spouse doesn’t have to be isolated, making them feel too dependent on their spouse. We work on establishing connections with others, forming friendships, and finding people to rely on. When a life is enriched with real, authentic friendship and community, individuals feel secure and happy whether their partner is home or not.


Relationship with Themselves

Amidst all the single-parenting, missed holidays, and irregular schedules of aviation life, a pilot's wife can feel lost in the shuffle.  With my help, clients take responsibility for their own life and learn to can flip the script and take advantage of this unusual lifestyle to find their purpose and flourish.

All coaching takes place over the phone in order to remove any geographic barriers and minimize time constraints.

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