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Over 13 years of speaking experience, in person and online. 

As a certified coach, I've spoken to audiences of all sizes about finding their purpose, discovering their core motivation, and overcoming limiting beliefs. I've talked at intimate mom's night out gatherings and served as a keynote for multiple women's business groups.  I've conducted trainings for community college staff and realtors, served on countless conference panels and been part of large community events.  Online, I do Facebook live interviews, workshops and webinars.

My mission as a speaker is to entertain and enlighten with relevant, actionable content.

Signature Talk for Pilot Wives:


The Purpose-Filled Pilot Wife: Discover how to turn the top 4 aviation life challenges into unique opportunities that make your relationship with your spouse and your family life better than ever.


Are you a pilot’s wife who feels a little resentful when your spouse is on a trip and you’re left to run the household? Are you overwhelmed by solo parenting and trying to plan around an irregular schedule? Would you like to have more purpose but can’t figure out how to make that happen?


First of all – it’s not you! Listen, traditional relationship and family life advice just doesn’t work for us.  We’re told to split up household duties evenly or hold regular date nights or join clubs to find friends who share your same interests.


All of this well-meaning guidance assumes a predictable routine where both spouses spend every night at home. Pilot wives who try to follow this conventional wisdom get frustrated because they are trying to fit a square peg in a round hole.


The good news is, you can flip the script and turn the challenges of the aviation lifestyle into unique, life-enhancing opportunities.


Come find out how to overcome frustration and negativity, learn fresh perspectives and discover the possibilities available in your distinctive lifestyle. Together we'll explore new ways to elevate your mindset, emotions, and actions that actually work for pilot wives in their marriage, family life, community and sense of purpose. 

Short Bio Sample: Jaymi Anderson is pilot wife of 24 years, mother of 2 and professional relationship coach for families in aviation. She's stayed happily married through the twists and turns of this unique lifestyle and can show you how aviation life can be one of the best things for your family. Get to know more about her coaching at

If this talk fits the needs of your audience, please reach out so I can get you on my schedule.

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