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Pregnant Woman Enjoying her Drink

What is a breakthrough session?

It’s not easy living with a pilot. Trying to live your life while working around variable schedules and days away from each other can get exhausting. I know, I’ve been there.


I can help.

This initial session is just for you. It’s your time to:


  • Clarify what’s working and what’s not in your relationships, how they are affecting you, and what you’d like to be different.

  • Uncover the root cause of your discontent and discern what factors you can control in order to feel at peace in your marriage and as a parent.

  • Outline a plan of action for you to create the thriving life and relationships you want so you can thoroughly enjoy your crazy lifestyle.

If I think that I can help you get the results you want, I’ll answer all of your questions about working together and what that would look like.

Ready to get started? Schedule your appointment using the link below.

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