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Relationship coaching for pilot wives.

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I’m Jaymi Anderson, I’ve been married to a pilot for 24 years and, the good news is, we still love each other. We like each other a lot, too.


People often tell me how lucky I am to be married to a pilot, but I haven’t always agreed with them. We moved several times while he chased the right flying job and I gave up my teaching career when we had kids. Everything looked great on the outside, but inside, I desperately wondered if my life had purpose.


I don’t want you to struggle as long as I did and that’s why I’ve put together a program that is specially tailored to your needs. By focusing on your marriage, your parenting, your sense of community and your relationship with yourself, you will no longer be just trying to make it through each day. You will look forward to what each day brings.


If you’re serious about elevating your relationships and loving your life, we need to talk.  All you have to do is schedule your breakthrough session and explore what's possible when you take control of your future.

I hope to hear from you soon,




Not ready yet? Click here to learn more about my approach or click here to learn more about me and why I became a coach.

Do you feel challenged by the irregular schedules, single parenting and general disruption that comes with the aviation lifestyle?


You’re probably doing it all while your spouse is gone – grocery shopping, homework help, carpool, mowing the lawn and calling the plumber – and don’t have time to pursue your own interests.  If you even remember what they are.


All that pressure can build up and cause you to feel

  • Resentful of your spouse because they get to jet off and follow their dream while you’re stuck at home.

  • Worn out from parenting at least half the time with no back up.

  • Disconnected from your friends and community because it’s hard to plan ahead.

  • Restless because you want life to be different, but you have no idea how to change it.

I think you’re here because you aren’t content with just surviving in this way of life. You want to thrive.

You want a better marriage.

You want to enjoy your kids.

You want to have a group of friends to laugh with.

You want to live your dreams, too.



It’s not always been this way, has it?


Before kids, flying was just another career. They were gone and you adjusted your expectations.  But when you had kids, life got more challenging. And now, you are taxed beyond your skill set.


It’s not your fault.


Marriage and parenting are hard enough when both parties are around all the time and life is predictable. But when you're often in different times zones, that makes life all the more difficult. Besides, there’s no ground school for pilot’s wives.

And yet, there is hope.

You can love this crazy lifestyle you live. You can create an environment where you are at peace with their erratic work hours and travel. It is possible to cultivate a resilience that allows you handle basement floods, broken arms, and homework battles without bitterness (because you know the pilot is always gone when these things happen). It’s also possible to pursue your own passions and interests.


You can flourish as a pilot’s wife, but you'll need to invest in yourself.

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